Monday, April 13, 2009

My Top 10 Things About Being A WAHM...

10. I can sit down and eat breakfast with my kids every morning. (If I worked I don't think I would do that. It'd be a bowl of cereal and out the door!)
9. Taking breaks throughout the day to play with my kids. We build forts in the living room. I give manicures, face paint, finger paint, read books, watch movies and so much more during my work day. I have definitely mastered the art of multi-tasking.
8. I can choose how much work to do. If I want to be really ambitious I can take on a super heavy load that I know will bring in more money but will have me up typing all night long. If I'm being more reasonable I'll take my typical load. And if I'm just too busy with every thing else or not feeling good I can take a light load. I love the flexibility.
7. Tea time whenever I want it! Yum!!
6. Nap time is my time! I used to work through nap time but I've come to my senses. Sometimes I still do work a little but I realized I'm so much better if I take that time for M-E. I sew, or knit, or read, or sleep, or watch a movie. It's sooooo wonderful. No job would give me a two hour break everyday.
5. I get to make my own schedule...let me rephrase that. Me and my kids get to make MY schedule, lol.
4. I get to contribute to my household's income. When that check comes in the mail there is a definite satisfaction and motivation to keep going. Hey, no work = no money!
3. It's more comfortable to work at home and be a business owner. I love being the boss (I get it from my mama!) and no one is telling me what to do. I make all the decisions. Very nice, very very nice.
2. No coworkers. While I love people I have come to accept the fact that I work good alone. I am an independent worker. I love to just do my own thing and figure things out on my own. (I get that from my mama, too..., lol).
1. Being able to be here for my kids. That's really why I do it. If they're sick I can flex my schedule to be able to give them extra hugs and kisses and nurse them back to health. If they have a doctor's appointment no one is telling me when I can get a day off to do that. If we want to go to the park or spend the day at the children's museum or visiting people we can just do that. We live how we want for the most part. That's awesome!

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