Saturday, April 11, 2009

Baby Names 101

Okay, so this is a huge topic of discussion but surprisingly not something I think about everyday. I guess with everything else going on in my life I'm not really feeling that I have to have a name for the babies until they are born. That's what we did with Elijah. Of course we didn't know what we were having and I really didn't want him to be named Elijah, but when you're under the influence of j/k. I'm not sure how we ended up with that name. I guess he just looked like an Elijah and the meaning is "Jehovah is my God". When I was pregnant with him I started learning about the name of God and I thought his name "Elijah" was awesome because it's saying Jehovah is his God...and people need to know about God's name being Jehovah nowadays. Plus I really pray that all my children will know and have a close relationship with Jehovah God.

So I had a dream about the little girl who keeps her feet all up in my ribcage and her name was Laylah. It means "dark beauty". I really like that name. Don't know of a middle name that goes with it though.

Then for a boy we want to name him Elbert after my brother but we're not so sure that we want that as a first name, and we can't think of a first name to go with it if we use it as a middle name.

Everyonne has been coming up with some craaaaaazzy names. My sister El wants to name them after famous duos...
1. Ike and Tina
2. Jay and Beyonce
3. Winnie and Nelson
4. Mary and Charles (my mom and dad's name...that's really funny if you know their history)
5. Ashford and Simpson
6. Bobby and Whitney
7. Chris and Reina

Need I go on?? She is silly and ridiculous, yet she swears she would use these names on her twins. I guess that why I'm having them and not her, lol.

My stepdaughter K has come up with a few funny ones too. Her first set was Sally and Robin. And I can't remember her second's so funny though. We definitely want something with some ethnicity and meaning and hers are just so eurocetric...and very reminiscent of slavery....

Well, the search continues. Maybe I'll dream up a boy name tonight that goes well with Elbert and Laylah <-----I love that name!


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