Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thoughts on having twins...

Well, after just watching Dr. Phil's show about "Octomom" bring her babies home I definitely think my life will be much much easier than that. I hate to even call her "Octomom". That is so not fair. I think I'm one of the few who says to leave the woman alone. She seems to be a great mom from what I've seen on TV...she is just got a big challenge ahead of her for the next few years.

Now, notice I did not say, "She sure is going to have her hands full!" Gosh, I hate when people say that to me. I really don't go anywhere by myself with Zion and Elijah for obvious reason (the huge belly), but when I did that's all I heard. Then when I got pregnant people just looked at me as if I was crazy...or at least that's what it felt like to me. Honestly, I don't give a crap about what they or anyone else thinks. The bible says that "Children are the heritage of the Lord," and even says that blessed is who has many! So I'm blessed and I truly see my children as being that in my life. Now granted, when they were still pooping and crying and nursing around the clock it was more work, but I did see the joy in it then. But now it's like we're just coasting along in our routine and things are good. I have so much fun with them and watching their personalities develop. I am definitely looking forward to adding the twins into the mix and watching how they all interact together. It is going to be challenging. I know that. I'm not niave. But I see my children as blessings who will bring great things into my life...they are definitely not curses.

Thoughts on having twins...

I feel blessed and chosen, if that makes any sense. It is such a wonderful feeling. I know that not every woman will get to experience being pregnant with to babies so I feel really special. It's interesting that there are only two sets of twins in the whole bible, yet today 3 out of 100 women will have twins. I wonder why Jehovah didn't tell us more about twins, but then again he didn't go unto a lot of details about pregnancy or childbirth either. I guess he left it for us to figure out.

Anyway, I gotta go put Elijah and Zion to bed. Hopefully I can get some sewing done since I just got finished with my work. Yeah! No late night for me tonight.


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