Sunday, April 12, 2009

Funny kids

My kids are so funny. My son E is in this phase where all he does is hum. He hums when he eating...through the ENTIRE meal. We usually know he's done when it gets quiet. He hums and the crazy thing is I understand the meanings of his different hums.

Anyway, I taught him to say "I don't know", but of course in his humming way. He holds up his hands palms up and "I don't know" and hums at the same time. It's so cute. Well, I guess he knows what "I don't know means and how to use it. When he hits his sister Z and she screams like she was hit with a baseball bat (She is very dramatic) we'll ask him what happened and he says "I don't know" in his little mumbling way. It's so funny, but I try really hard not to laugh in front of them, especially when she's crying. are a trip. I know there will be a day when this will drive me crazy and not be a cute behavior, but for now I think it is so funny.

I love their relationship. They get along so well. Z is so loving towards E. She's always putting his pacifier up so it won't get dirty (neat freak...yes). She gets his sippy cup for him. Sometimes they just walk up to each other and hug. To think that I felt so guilty about adding another child into the mix...I can't imagine life without E and their relationship is just amazing. I know Z is better with him than without. They are at a stage where they play really well together. Most days I just sit and watch them make up the weirdest games to play together. They laugh like they are having the time of their lives together and that makes me really happy...children truly are a joy.

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