Friday, May 15, 2009

Why I've been away...

Things have been busy and crazy. We've moved. B has still been looking for work. E finally started walking a few weeks ago. And I'm at that last part of my pregnancy where I want to kill someone and do whatever I can to get these babies out of me. I'm bitchy. Plain and simple. I've been having stop and start contractions for the past two weeks! I'm dilated 4 to 5 cm and these babies just ain't moving. I'm frustrated beyond belief. I fell for the, "Twins rarely go beyond 36 weeks," bull. Here I sit at 38 weeks and 1 day...soon to be 2 days in four hours! Arghhh...I've contemplated castor oil but I remember what that was like when I tried it during my pregnancy with Zion. I don't think I want to try that again.

The positive thing out of this...well there are more than one. First off I'm so thankful to have two healthy babies inside of me...two big stubborn babies :) I'm really thankful to be almost 5 cm without experiencing too much pain!! I remember what those contractions were like with Elijah to get to just God! So I'm praying that because I'm almost halfway there that when things do pick up it will just be super duper fast.

I still have the goal of having a natural labor...meaning no epidural. I'm praying. But I know if I have to be induced with pitocin that will be pretty impossible. Those pitocin contractions hurt like hellllllll.

Well, life with four under four hasn't quite begun yet, but I'm hoping that sometime soon it will. The sooner the better. I'm ready for the adventure.

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