Thursday, June 4, 2009

Breastfeeding Twins and the Fame

I went to WIC yesterday and it's amazing how fascinated people are with twins. Everyone wanted to look at that and ask me questions about them...including the infamous, "Are they identical?" Mind you that's when they know that one is a girl and one is a boy, lol.

People were amazed that I had one in a carseat and one in my handmade sling. Then they were amazed when I plopped them both in the carseat together. It was so funny to me. I was really tickled. It's like being a mini celebrity.

Then to top it off when they found out that I'm nursing twins...oh my! I was the talk of the whole office. It was really cool and they thought for sure that I would be able to teach them so much about nursing...but I was coming there to speak to a lactation consultant to check things about the twins latch, lol.

The good news about our little adventure yesterday was that they are now both 5.15 lb and that means they have gained 8 oz since last Friday! That's reassuring because the average weight gain for twins is 4-7 oz a week. I'm sure they'll be back up to their birth weight within a couple of days now.

I was also able to get some help with their latching. They both do this weird thing where they roll in their lips instead of sticking them out in a puckered style like a fish. So we're working on that, but it was reassuring they are still gaining despite that little hang up.

I think one of them is crying...gotta run.

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